About the awards

The NZ HR Awards are designed to recognise excellence and outstanding achievement within New Zealand’s HR community.

Brought to you by the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand in association with Human Synergistics, the Awards provide individuals and HR teams with the opportunity to take part in a process of discovery, awareness, acknowledgment and achievement which highlights the value that HR adds to organisations.

Entries for the NZ HR Awards are accepted from HRINZ members and non HRINZ members. See how to enter for details.


Why enter?

 “As many companies need more than ever their HR teams to help them navigate into an ever changing environment, the NZ HR Awards are a unique opportunity to highlight a fantastic sample of impactful HR people and projects which have helped making their organisation more successful, attractive and sustainable.
A great moment to celebrate what NZ HR professionals and HR teams can bring to the growth of our country economy and its people.”

Laurent Sylvestre, Chief People and Culture Officer, Beca Group, previous winner of HR Generalist of the Year


There are a number of benefits that come from entering yourself or your team into awards. Below are some of the great reasons why you should take part in the NZ HR Awards.

  • Despite the fact that there can only be one winner, in reality, everybody benefits. This is because the big win often comes from the process of preparing the application. Entering awards often helps give clarity, and is a chance to reflect on processes and successes and define business and personal goals
  • Entering the Awards also gives you the opportunity to get feedback from an impartial third party, the judges. This feedback can be very valuable as it lets you know what you’re doing well and where there are opportunities to improve.
  • Winning an award or being named as a finalist can significantly raise the profile of you and your organisation amongst your peers and the wider HR/business community. It provides the opportunity to showcase your skills and often attracts considerable media attention.
  • Winning an award also gives you a point of difference and external endorsement is always good for business as it enhances your reputation, credibility and gives the assurance of third party approval.
  • Winning or being shortlisted for a team award can be a boost to employee motivation and team morale. It can also make your organisation more attractive to future employees.
  • NZ HR Award winners are frequently invited to speak around the country at various conferences, seminars and business events.


‘Our initial thoughts when we went through the application was it seemed incredibly detailed, complex and to be honest a little initimidating.
Through the process of collating the detail and information required for the submission we learnt and gained a greater insight into Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, and our kaimahi (employees). With the assistance of many within the organisation we submitted a thorough and robust submission with confidence and always a touch of nervousness.
We are super proud of our achievement and the award win was a wonderful acknowledgement for our kaimahi and Senior Management and their ongoing participation and engagement in our wellbeing programme Tau Ora’.

Tuihana Ohia, SME – Wellbeing, Te Wānanga o Atoearoa, previous winners of the Wellness Award


An important component of the NZ HR Awards is also the ability for others within the profession to learn from your experiences and be inspired to continually improve all aspects of HR within their own organisations.

Awards Judges

The judging panel for each award will consist of senior practitioners, both generalists and specialists in the New Zealand HR community.